Power Lifting…. starting at 40?

Sooooo…I tell people I am a Power Lifter.  What does that even mean?  Why the hell would you lift heavy things on purpose?  Is it fun?

Power lifting is really simple in concept, consisting of three lifts…squat, bench press and dead lift.  There will be many other posts about form and the nuances of the sport but really it is about moving as much iron as you can from one position to another.

How did I even get into power lifting?

For me, it all started after taking my neighbor to get his moped from a local repair shop.  While I was waiting I found a little gym in a warehouse nearby…..raw as hell…..perfect.  Our power lifting knowledge was shit, but the Manny and Flor took us in and we started training.

First day ever….I dead lifted 245lbs…..it felt great! (we will talk about delayed onset muscle soreness another day).  We joined and kept going back we started getting stronger and stronger. Now, 9 months later I can dead lift over 400lbs!

Does this make me the strongest guy in gym…not even close.  As a matter of fact, I am positive that it does not make me the strongest girl in the gym, and it does not matter.  You are just as much a power lifter if you bench 50lbs or if you bench 500lbs, as long as you giving it 100% and getting stronger!

The best thing about power lifting is that you are only competing against yourself.  I regularly lift with the 680lb dead lift animals in the gym and they have never made feel out of place or weak. Honestly, much of what I know about power lifting has come from the conversations that I have with people at the gym while we spend 10 minutes taking all of their weight off so I can do my reps!

We have made it a family affair now with Corrin, Raelyn and I all competing in regular power lifting events.   Raelyn was such a natural and loves it so much she qualified for the state power lifting competition her first year in the sport!

I love lifting, I love the competition, I love the whole family can do it, I love our gym family and highly recommend the sport to anyone!  We talk about many different aspects of lifting and will have interviews with different lifters over the next few months.

Next time we will talk about how to pick a gym that is right for you, and is it okay to belong to multiple gyms? (spoiler….it is!)