Powerfest!…..and some basics of a power lifting meet

On Saturday the March 10, Iron Asylum hosted its first ever USPA power lifting meet! It was a rousing success across the board, everyone did so well that over 10 state records were broken!

Special Congratulations to Mel with Team Iron Asylum that broke both the bench and dead lift state records! So strong!

One of the things that struck me while I was there competing was how few of the spectators understood how the meet actually works. Even some of the first time competitors had some confusion, so I figured it would be worth a little explanation.

How does a power lifting meet work?

Once you have paid your entry and trained up for months, the big day arrives…..really it starts the day before the big day. This is the weigh in, power lifting competitions are separated by weight class, age and gender. For example, I lift in the 90kg (198.4lbs) category and masters men 40-44. Of course everyone knows that this is really a ploy to make sure the old guys and our freaky old man strength don’t hurt the feelings of the younger competitors!

Soooooo…. I might has missed weight for this meet due to unforeseen events, or possibly because I stayed up drinking beer and playing card games with my buddy David. Either way at a normal meet, you can just bump up to the next weight class. Once you weigh in it is time to go home, eat, rest and get ready for the next day.

Morning of the meet everyone shows up for the rules meeting and gets a rundown of the basics and things that will cause you to fail a lift. It usually pays to show up a little early and get a good place in the warm up area to make home for the day!

The structure of the meet is pretty simple once you get the hang of it…..Lifters are separated into flights of roughly 8-12 lifters, each flight will complete 3 attempts at one a single discipline before moving onto the next flight. For example if flight A has 8 lifters, all 8 lifters will complete their 3 squats before moving onto flight B. Within the flight the lifters cycle through, in order of opening weight, to ensure each lifter has a rest between attempts. Once all of the flights have completed a discipline, it starts over with flight A on the second discipline and so on.

Before we finish there are a couple of other rules that are super important to be aware of in power lifting meet. The first is if you miss all three attempts at a single lift you are done for the meet. For example if you miss all three squats, you don’t get to bench press. This is where a good coach and/or lifting team come in, making sure you are lifting as much as possible without bombing out.

Once all of the lifters are done, totals are added up and awards are given for the different categories as well as best overall lifters. This is calculated using the Wilks coefficient. The easy explanation is that the Wilks it is a way to compare lifters of different weight classes in a balanced way.

I will say that power lifting, while it can be difficult and frustrating, is a very rewarding sport. The things that I love most about power lifting is that at 40 years old I can still compete, feel the adrenaline rush of being on stage in front of a crowd with everyone cheering me on, and challenge myself physically. You will be hard pressed to find a more supportive and friendly group of people that the competitors at a power lifting meet.

As a side note, I got 1st place my division, setting PR in both the squat and bench press!

Power Lifting…. starting at 40?

Sooooo…I tell people I am a Power Lifter.  What does that even mean?  Why the hell would you lift heavy things on purpose?  Is it fun?

Power lifting is really simple in concept, consisting of three lifts…squat, bench press and dead lift.  There will be many other posts about form and the nuances of the sport but really it is about moving as much iron as you can from one position to another.

How did I even get into power lifting?

For me, it all started after taking my neighbor to get his moped from a local repair shop.  While I was waiting I found a little gym in a warehouse nearby…..raw as hell…..perfect.  Our power lifting knowledge was shit, but the Manny and Flor took us in and we started training.

First day ever….I dead lifted 245lbs…..it felt great! (we will talk about delayed onset muscle soreness another day).  We joined and kept going back we started getting stronger and stronger. Now, 9 months later I can dead lift over 400lbs!

Does this make me the strongest guy in gym…not even close.  As a matter of fact, I am positive that it does not make me the strongest girl in the gym, and it does not matter.  You are just as much a power lifter if you bench 50lbs or if you bench 500lbs, as long as you giving it 100% and getting stronger!

The best thing about power lifting is that you are only competing against yourself.  I regularly lift with the 680lb dead lift animals in the gym and they have never made feel out of place or weak. Honestly, much of what I know about power lifting has come from the conversations that I have with people at the gym while we spend 10 minutes taking all of their weight off so I can do my reps!

We have made it a family affair now with Corrin, Raelyn and I all competing in regular power lifting events.   Raelyn was such a natural and loves it so much she qualified for the state power lifting competition her first year in the sport!

I love lifting, I love the competition, I love the whole family can do it, I love our gym family and highly recommend the sport to anyone!  We talk about many different aspects of lifting and will have interviews with different lifters over the next few months.

Next time we will talk about how to pick a gym that is right for you, and is it okay to belong to multiple gyms? (spoiler….it is!)




First Blog Post


This is my first of many posts to this blog.  It expect this page to be many things over the years, but we will start out with three main categories:

I will dedicate a solid part of the site to how-to do things that I have picked up over the years and disseminate that information out to everyone that needs a little help.  Second will be my adventure into power lifting with lots of videos, product reviews and such.  Finally a general lifestyle section, cooking, events and the different things that we do!

I look forward to this adventure with all of you. My goal is to post several times a week so please check back often!

…also if there is anything that you would like to see please send me a message and we will work on it!